Washington CoastSavers. Coastal photo courtesy of Wulff Henning, www.archiphoto.com.

Understand marine debris. Get the resources you need.

Seeking Nominations for CoastSaver of the Year

We want to thank you for your commitment to our mission. Volunteers like you help to ensure a healthy coast for years to come. While Washington CoastSavers relies on the collective efforts of hundreds of volunteers, each year we also make special recognition of an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to our cause – our 'CoastSaver of The Year'. While CoastSavers coordinators meet many volunteers at registration stations or out on the beach, we realize that extraordinary efforts happen beyond our sight and hearing. So, we are looking for your help. Please use this form to nominate someone who from your experience has contributed greatly to our April and September cleanups. Deadline for submission is November 30, 2014.

GrassRoots Garbage Gang Honored

We're proud to announce that Washington CoastSavers partner, GrassRoots Garbage Gang, was recognized for their "Significant Contribution" by Washington State Parks at their parks commission meeting in Ilwaco last month. Cape Disappointment State Park Ranger Ken Ross presented the award to the group, enlisting help from the Park Commissioners by having them pull details out of a garbage bag filled with facts about the beach cleanup effort. Commissioners read out loud "Conducted over 35 cleanups," "Collected over 250 tons," "Over 700 volunteers pitched in this past July 5th" and other notable achievements by the group led by the Peninsula’s Shelly Pollock.

Save the Date

The Washington Coast Cleanup will be on April 25th, 2015.

International Coastal Cleanup Results

CoastSavers volunteers assist with the ICC.

Approximately 500 volunteers cleaned beaches along the Washington coast on Saturday, September 20th as part of the International Coastal Cleanup. About 3 tons of trash was removed from beaches from Cape Disappointment to Cape Flattery and up the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The weight of debris is significantly less than previous cleanups in part due to the time of year but also much of the mass collected were light-weight plastics and foam. It is these small pieces that are easily ingested by wildlife making it all the more important to have them removed from the marine environment. Thank you to all who participated. This year’s attendance was a huge increase over the 150 volunteers who took part in last year’s International Coastal Cleanup within Washington State.

Thanks to Our Business Partners

Our volunteers are awesome and they deserve to be treated right for their contributions of time and energy. Several business offered incentives for our volunteers this last September and we want to recognize their contributions. Thank you to Hobuck Beach Resort, Kalaloch Lodge, Pat’s Place, Quileute Oceanside Resort, A Cozy River House and the Lost Resort. Our volunteers enjoyed discounts on lodging, free barbecues and homemade bean soup. If you want to support our volunteers by offering a discount or deal, email jon (at) coastsavers.org.


Learn about marine debris. Marine debris is trash that somehow ends up in the ocean. Recognize this plastic water bottle? It could be the one you threw away several months ago - not at the beach, but at your home! It just blew out of your garbage, landed in a nearby waterway, and floated out to the coast. Now it's degrading and poisoning our coastal wildlife and releasing its toxins into the food chain.

Or maybe a commercial fishing boat lost some gear in one of our notorius winter storms. Now it's floating around out there, damaging our coastal fisheries, and pointlessly killing everything that gets caught.

No matter where you live or what kind of work you do, marine debris is your problem. Learn more and use our resources today.

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