Adopt a Beach

Washington CoastSavers, in partnership with Clallam County’s Park Department, is developing an Adopt a Beach program. We are looking for small groups or families to agree to clean “their” beach during the Washington Coast Cleanup, the International Coastal Cleanup and at least one other time throughout the year. At this time, beaches available for adoption include: Clallam Bay, Cline Spit, Salt Creek, and Freshwater Bay. Contact our coordinator ( if you have questions or are interested in adopting a beach.

What beaches are available to adopt?

Currently, we are looking for couples or small groups to ‘adopt’ a saltwater beach within Clallam County. See the map for specific locations currently included in the program.

Who can clean them? How often?

We are looking for couples, families or small groups to clean ‘their’ beach at least three times a year. Ideally, two of the times would be during CoastSavers’ annual beach cleanups including:

  • the Washington Coast Cleanup (often the Saturday closest to Earth Day in April)
  • the International Coastal Cleanup (the third Saturday in September).

If you are unable to clean the beach during one of the established beach cleanups, we would ask that you find another date after consulting with the CoastSavers coordinator.

Where do volunteers get supplies?

Minimal supplies are needed to clean a beach. Bags will be provided during the orientation and training session. Some volunteers really like trash pick-up tools; these are not provided by CoastSavers but are available at most hardware stores and likely Home Depot or Walmart. They may be called “reaching tools.” Gloves are also not provided but recommended. Gardening gloves work well and are not as disposable as plastic varieties.

Where does the garbage go?

In some cases, the garbage can be left at the county park (where dumpsters are provided). In some cases, the filled bags should be taken to a nearby park with dumpsters. Beach-specific directions will be given to the volunteers during the orientation and training session.


As much as we’d like to recycle the debris that is collected, often it is too degraded by the saltwater or sun to recycle it in household recycling bins. If volunteers are willing and able to rinse and sort plastics or aluminum that is not degraded they are encouraged to recycle it when and where possible. Beach-specific directions will be provided during the orientation and training session.

Data Collection?

We ask our volunteers to collect data about the type and amount of trash they find on “their” beaches. This data collection not only helps with program management but the data is also shared with the Ocean Conservancy.

How are partners recognized?

Volunteers who agree to clean “their” beach at least three times a year will be recognized both on the CoastSavers website as well as on a sign installed near the beach.

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