International Coastal CleanupSeptember 17, 2016
We will soon be accepting signups for the cleanup of Long Beach: Cranberry Approach.
Long Beach: Cranberry Approach

July 4th: Bags will be handed out at all major beach approaches from 4-8 PM. Volunteers are still needed to help with this at Seaview, Cranberry, Klipsan, Ocean Park and Surfside beach approaches. If you can help, email Magen at magen.michaud(at)

July 5th: Volunteers will be stationed at all the major beach approaches at 9:30 to hand out bags and help direct you to where your help is most needed. Volunteers are encouraged to bring filled bags to the dumpsters located at each beach approach. If you can come, and are flexible on location to clean, please email Shelly(at)

How you can help at this location:

General Beach Cleanup

Collect trash and marine debris from the beach and place in provided bags. Carry filled bags above the high tide line and leave them in piles. No special skills are required. Participants must be able to bend repeatedly and pick up and carry items of varying weight and size. For a better idea of what's involved, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

More Volunteer Options and Information

For more information about helping with volunteer check-in, recycling, and food service, please contact our beach coordinator: shelly (at)

Know Before You Go: International Coastal Cleanup

On September 17th, low tide will occur around XXX a.m. (-XXX ft.). High tide will occur around XXX p.m. (+XXX ft.). Check the weather forecast for the coast and plan your clothing and supplies accordingly. It’s a good idea to have layers that help protect you from water, wind, and cold. For more information about safety, clothing, tools, lodging, and dogs, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Check-in Time and Location: International Coastal Cleanup

Please check in before beginning any cleanup activities. On-site registration, orientation, and instructions will be provided upon arrival. All volunteers must register and sign a State Parks volunteer timesheet. Check-in will be at the beach approach, from 9:30 a.m until 11 a.m.

Recycling Program

RecyclingIf you would like to take recyclables back home with you, please do. However, please be aware that most recycling companies will not accept highly degraded items or anything filled with wet sand or other beach muck. They only want the really clean household stuff like yogurt cups and plastic water bottles. If you take any debris back with you, be sure to bag it up tightly (stinky), keep it away from curious kids and dogs (messy), and don’t take any sharp items (safety hazard – ouch!).

Other Information

There is a a pit toilet and no sinks. Parking is limited to the side of the dirt access road.

Participants should wear sturdy shoes and be prepared for cold, windy and rainy weather conditions. Depending on conditions and tides, all Washington State Parks beaches will be open to driving with the exception of the Copalis Spit Natural Area.

Basic Safety Guideline

  • Wear gloves, proper clothing, and water-resistant shoes.
  • Do not touch medical waste, dead animals, hazardous materials or sharp objects. If you are uncertain about an item, do not touch it.
  • Do not approach wildlife.
  • Report hazardous items that cannot be removed to event staff.
  • Work with a partner.
  • Be careful of unstable banks, steep slopes, or slippery surfaces.
  • Do not try to lift anything that is too heavy for you. Ask for help!
  • Watch for poison oak, plants with thorns, or other natural hazards.
  • Watch for any trucks or equipment that might be used in the project.
  • When driving on the beach (State Parks only), stay on compacted sand. Do not drive into sand that is very soft or very wet.

Debris Data Program

Debris data programThe amount and type of debris you find on our beaches gives evidence of its globally diverse sources and its impact on ocean ecosystems. Help us analyze what it all means by participating in our data collection program. If you will be at the cleanup with a group, please download our Debris Data Card and fill out as you clean the beach (also available at check in). One group member should fill out the form while others call out their findings. After the cleanup, simply go online and transfer your findings to our debris database. Collective results will be available online to anyone seeking to understand and reduce the effects of marine debris.

Beach Location and Directions

Located at the west end of Cranberry Road, north of Long Beach, WA.