CoastSavers Finds New Partners with Pac Westy

January 17, 2020

We have some exciting news to share with everyone. This week James Roubal took in Ernie, the navy blue VW van Pac Westy set aside for CoastSavers, to Seattle’s Prism Graphics for its installation of our new wrap. The designers said they had a blast with installing our design with all the intricate anemone tentacles.

Brochures with info about Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary and our coastal cleanups will be placed in Ernie to encourage stewardship of our ocean.

We can’t thank Carey Floyd, the sanctuary’s graphic designer, enough for all her hard work on this project. We truly could not have done it without her. Also, shout out to the Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau (OPVB) for funding the wrap and Deborah Moriarty for helping secure the OPVB grant.

Here are some impromptu photos we took with Ernie before dropping him back off to Bainbridge Island:

We will receive 10% of all proceeds from Ernie’s rentals from tourists who book him to explore the wonders of our beautiful neck of the coast. Also, Pac Westy is planning on using him for some upcoming events at local breweries and invited us to drive Ernie with REI in Seattle’s Pride Parade this summer. Time to start collecting some rainbow plastic! Email us at if you’re interested in exploring in style with Ernie.

Looking forward to following Ernie’s new adventures with all of you,

CoastSavers team