Washington CoastSavers  
Debris Data Entry
Section 1: Getting Started

Thank you for helping to clean up Washington’s Pacific Coast!
The data you collect while cleaning the beach is invaluable to our efforts; helping us educate public, business, and government officials about the scale and serious consequences of marine debris on our coast. This data will also be shared with the Ocean Conservancy to further their efforts to address marine debris on a global scale.

Enter the data from your Debris Data Card below. Please do not enter data based on personal recollections, which are often inaccurate. Use the actual figures from your data card.

Please DO NOT submit your data more than once for the same cleanup event.

Section 2: Cleanup Site Information (required)
1. What was the date of the Cleanup? (mm/dd/yyyy)
2: Which beach did you cleanup?
3: How many people are you reporting for?
4. Approximate distance cleaned (in miles):
5. Number of trash bags filled:
6. Total estimated weight collected (in pounds):
7: Estimated time spent cleaning up the beach (in hours):

Section 3: Contact Information (Each Individual Team Member)
Your contact info (required):
First Name: Last Name: Email:
Group members' contact info (optional):
First Name: Last Name: Email:
First Name: Last Name: Email:
First Name: Last Name: Email:
First Name: Last Name: Email:

Section 4: Entangled Animals

List all entangled animals found during the cleanup. For each animal found, record the following information: type of animal; status (alive/released or dead); type of debris it was entangled in (fishing line, fishing nets, balloon string/ribbon, crab/lobster/fish traps, plastic bags, rope, six-pack rings, wire, or other items.)

Type of Animal Animal Status Type of Debris Entangled In

Section 5: Items Collected

1. What was the most peculiar item you collected?


2. Shoreline Recreational Activities

Bags (Paper)

Cups, Plates, Forks, Knives, Spoons

Bags (Plastic)

Food Wrappers/Containers


Pull Tabs

Beverage Bottles (Plastic)

6-Pack Holders

Beverage Bottles (Glass)

Shotgun Shells/Wadding

Beverage Cans

Straws, Stirrers

Caps, Lids


Clothing, Shoes



3. Ocean & Waterway Activities

Bait Containiers/Packaging Fishing Nets
Bleach/Cleaner Bottles Light Bulbs/Tubes
Bouys/Floats Oil/Lube Bottles
Crab/Lobster/Fish Traps Pallets
Crates Plastic Sheeting
Fishing Line Rope
Fishing Lures/Light Sticks Strapping Bands

4. Smoking-related Activities

5. Dumping Activities

Cigarettes/Cigarettes Filters

Appliances (refrigerators, washers, etc.)

Cigarette Lighters


Cigar Tips

Building Materials

Tobacco Packaging/Wrappers

Cars/Car Parts



55-Gal. Drums





6. Medical/Personal Hygeine

7. Debris Items of Local Concern.


Identify and count 3 other items that concern you:


Yellow Poly Rope, 6-12 inches long


Tampons/Tampon Applicators


Please take a moment to review your data. Once you are sure you have entered it all correctly, please add any comments you would like to make (if any) and then click the 'Submit' button below.

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