Washington Coast Cleanup April 29, 2017
Washington Coast Cleanup
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Beach List (alpha):
Beach 1
Beach 2
Beach 4
Beach 6
Bolstad Approach
Boulder Beach
Bullman Beach
Cape Alava
Cape Disappointment
Chance A La Mer
Chilean Mem.
Chito Beach
Clallam Bay
Copalis Beach
Cranberry Appr.
Deep Creek
Duk Point North
Duk Point South
Dungeness Spit
East and West Twin Rivers
First Beach
Freshwater Bay
Hobuck Beach
Hoh Reservation
Hoko River
Kalaloch Campgrd.
Kalaloch Lodge
Klipsan Approach
Leadbetter Point
Moclips/Pacific Beach
Mosquito Bch. No.
Mosquito Bch. So.
Murdock Beach
Norwegian Mem.
Ocean Park Appr.
Oil City
Ozette River South
Peabody Creek
Pillar Point
Point of the Arches
Point Grenville
Port Townsend
Port Williams
Rialto Beach North
Rialto Beach South
Ruby Beach
Salt Creek
Sand Point North
Sand Point South
Scott’s Bluff South
Seaview Approach
Second Beach
Sekiu River
Shi Shi Beach
Shipwreck Point
Sid Snyder Appr.
Sooes Beach
South Beach
Surfside Appr.
Taylor Point South
Third Beach
Toleak No. & So.
Twin Harbors
Yellow Banks
Salt Creek Freshwater Bay Peabody Creek Dungeness Spit Port Williams Port Townsend Bullman Beach Shipwreck Point Chito Beach Sekiu River Hoko River Clallam Bay Pillar Point Murdock Beach East and West Twin Rivers Deep Creek Hobuck Hobuck Sooes Shi Shi Point of the Arches Duk Point North Duk Point South Ozette Cape Alava Sand Point North Sand Point South Yellow Banks, Norwegian, Chilean Hole in the Wall North Beach Area Rialto South First Beach Third Beach Second Beach Taylor Pt, Scotts Bluff, Toleak Mosquito Boulder Beach Oil City Hoh Reservation Ruby Beach Beach 6 Beach 4 Kalaloch Campground Kalaloch Lodge Beach 2 Beach 1 South Beach Tahola Point Grenville Moclips Pacific Beach Seabrook Copalis Chance a La Mer Twin Harbors Leadbetter Point Surfside Ocean Park Klipsan Cranberry Bolstad Sid Snyder Seaview Benson Beach
Cleanup Access:EasyChallengingClosed