Tsunami Debris

Japan Tsunami Debris Information

The enormous quantities of marine debris generated by Japan’s tsunami disaster of 2011 naturally left many in Washington State wondering when it would start washing up on our shores and whether to be concerned about any unusal hazards.

NOAA Tsunami FlyerScientific forecasting models are only sophisticated guesses, so estimates vary as to debris arrival times, locations, and quantities. But in no case is the debris expected to be hazardous in any special way. The media continue to report tsunami debris on our coast, including the recent arrival of a large dock. Download this NOAA Japan Tsunami Flyer for quick reference or review the answers to these frequently asked questions, as provided by our friends at the NOAA Marine Debris Program:

NOAA Marine Debris ProgramInformation on significant marine debris sightings in the North Pacific Ocean and on the coast is greatly needed and can be reported to the NOAA Marine Debris Program at DisasterDebris@noaa.gov